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"Taste of the Islands

Discover with us the notions of an almost blissfully carefree and easy way of life,
played out on islands of great beauty and natural abundance. Polynesia has
captured the Western imagination for more than 200 years. A string of islands in
the Pacific Ocean whose name means simply "many islands". With tranquil blue
lagoons, white sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in warm Pacific breezes,
the mere mention of the Polynesian islands conjures Idyllic images of paradise.
The vast Oasis born from volcanic fire possess a deep-rooted culture that has
thrived for centuries through a mastery of the ocean. Today as in ancient times
the sea provides most of the protein in the traditional Polynesian diet, paired with
exotic fruits and vegetables the cuisine is often a feast for the eyes as well as the


Avanu is celebration of these ideals…

Whether you are here as an escape from your everyday life or a quick vacation
from your vacation, sit back allow your imagination to wander and enjoy with us a

“Taste of the Islands”

Tama’a Maitai! Enjoy your meal!

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 11am - 2am   Seven Days


392 Flagler Avenue, New Smyrna Beach FL. 


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